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laura tully

As a first time mum in a pandemic, separated from my family and struggling with the physical and emotional aftermath of childbirth there was times I was feeling isolated, emotional and overwhelmed and I struggled to open up to family and friends.  Lorna offered me the time and space to reflect on my experience so far and explore ways to tackle the challenges I was facing.  Together we identified strategies that would help me but she also instilled confidence in me by helping me to see my own strengths.  I would highly recommend Lorna to new mums, she has amazing listening skills and helped me to see the beauty in the journey I'm going through.  Thanks again so much, I really valued the discussions we had! x

dr. michelle hone

Lorna is honestly incredible to work with and is so passionate about pregnancy, birth, motherhood and helping women throughout their journey.  I looked forward to our weekly meetings, as it meant that first time all week I had the chance to express my worries and concerns in an open and non-judgmental space, giving me strategies to cope with these concerns.  Lorna is so compassionate and kind - she made me feel so much better about the journey ahead an I feel so much more equipped and excited about becoming a new mum!

rachel king

I got in touch with Lorna through a friend of mine who knew I was very apprehensive about having my first baby.  I met Lorna virtually just before Christmas and I can never thank her enough for what she has taught me.  I have gone from worried, stressed and anxious to a calm, confident and relaxed first time mum to be.  Lorna never judged what I had to say and was so understanding and thoughtful about all aspects.  The information I gained was invaluable and I will be applying it to all aspects of my life, not just while I am pregnant!  It is such an amazing experience and it is all possible because of Lorna and her talent! xx

Alison Ryan

Lorna is so passionate about this hypnobirthing course that immediately you’re excited on what you’re going to learn. She is so genuine and shares her own experiences which reassures you that this does work and you can have a positive labour and birth experience. Learning how to use affirmations, breathing techniques and visualisation, when to piece them together has been invaluable to me. I had heard about certain elements before but after doing the course it’s given me a clear confidence in my own abilities and how to best use these tools. For my Partner, it’s given him reassurance and a clear goal of how he can be a support to me. It’s given us both such practical knowledge on when to go into the hospital, and most importantly how to accept whatever path your birth takes. I couldn’t recommend Lorna enough, she has such a lovely warm inviting personality which is a great bonus to all the knowledge she has to share! I’ve left this course feeling ready and confident for whatever path my birth takes.

Maria Dillon

I am currently using Bump and Beyond wellness to help Me deal with a past Birth trauma. I had a difficult experience in my first labour and knew I needed some forward planning to help me cope this time. I did Lorna’s preparation for birth positive mindset course first. After that I booked a one to one coaching call with Lorna over zoom.  We are working towards a calmer positive mindset for birthing my new baby this Autumn. Lorna’s help has been invaluable to me as I navigate through this time. I’m reframing my views on the whole birthing experience and building confidence as the due date draws closer. Investing in preparing for what is yet to come has helped me to feel calm and in control it has given me peace of mind. Very happy to recommend Bump and Beyond to any Mamas to be.

Colette mc cann

Thanks so much to Lorna for such a wonderful workshop. I feel so much more confident and prepared for the birth of my second child thanks to Lorna. She has a soothing and reassuring manner, and I feel that due to her help and guidance, I am going into the slightly still unknowns with a positive mindset and knowing that whatever happens, I have the right mindset and will be fine"

shelly fiLan

I was completely unorganised, stressed out and I felt like I had no clarity or clear road map for the future. I am a new Mum and I work for myself and through foggy Covid eyes I was feeling a little lost and unsure of how to manage it all. I wanted to enjoy being a Mum but I also love my job so I wanted to find some balance between the two. Lorna has helped me structure me time better and this has led me to getting my work done more efficiently and helped me free up some guilt free time. Lorna has a way of challenging you to dig deeper by finding out what your core values are and what is important to you and then supports and encourages you to embrace YOUR true self. She has helped me establish boundaries and even supported my work projects and ideas and helped me get it out of my head and down onto paper and then into a tangible goal. It's not all work work work and goal setting. Lorna has helped me introduce self care habits and reminded me about having fun. I would highly recommend Lorna to anyone, she is basically a wizard for women to help us bring back some much needed life into our lives and I am so glad that I found her.  She's also just a really nice person!

nikky millar

After having my first baby I found things quite tough. I'm a single mum, my parents live in the north, and all this in the middle of the pandemic! Then there's the rollercoaster of the first few months with broken sleep and struggling to breastfeed. Trying to keep on top of your own wellness is tough. Really tough. But I managed to keep reminding myself that I was important too and made sure to ask for help when I needed it.

I was through the worst of it when I saw an ad for Bump and Beyond Wellness. Chatting to Lorna really helped me feel enthusiastic about doing things for myself and she inspired me to look to the future and helped bring back that excitement about what I want for me, as well as being a great mum to my son. "Happy mum, happy child".

It's so important to keep on top of your own wellness when you have kids. It's easy to get caught up in doing everything for them and forget about yourself. Lorna is encouraging and uplifting and I highly recommend her to any mum, whether it's your first or your fifth!

Thank you Lorna!

Love Nikky and baby Oisín


tara heffernan

Lorna is amazing! I have completed three sessions from about 31 weeks. I found her approach during the sessions to be kind, informed and very experienced. Lorna guides you on a journey with leading questions helping you to figure out what you will want and need to make yourself feel more empowered. Her techniques have really helped me to feel more grounded - including the anxiety journaling, advice on affirmations and wheel of pregnancy. In my third session we went through my birth plan. I found this so beneficial to visualise every step of the way during my labour, to say it all out loud and to be guided by Lorna. I feel after speaking the whole journey out loud that I am more empowered and fear has been released. I continue to use the skills Lorna has taught me and would love to go back for more sessions in the future!

Rosaleen hurley

With Lorna's help I changed my mindset from wanting to bury my head in the sand and hope for the best to wanting to learn and prepare for labour. My mindset changed from negative "how am I going to do this" to "I get to meet my baby at the end of this and I got this" ! Not only did Lorna encourage a positive approach but had heaps of other tips and advice that I found invaluable. Thanks Lorna xxx 

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