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The mumpreneur membership

High Vibe Mumpreneur Tribe

You will have access to shared knowledge, ideas, education, motivation and be inspired by a community of fellow mothers building, growing & developing their business online. You will also gain access to the Signature Success Path for online mumpreneurs. This Membership has a dual focus of Personal Development for Business Growth & a strong Community Ethos of likeminded mothers growing business babies alongside actual babies!

Lose the Overwhelm & Confusion

If you are feeling unsure of yourself, confused, hesitant - you may think you are not good enough, educated enough, biz savvy enough or you do not have enough hours in your day - Well I have good news for you! Imagine feeling part of a community where together inspired ideas & actions flowed freely, collaboration was encouraged & accountability was managed.

Who Is Lorna Lyons, Founder of The Mumpreneur Membership?

I set up Side Hustle Mums off the back of leaving my full time teaching job as it no longer brought me passion in my day to day life following becoming a mother. I re-educated as a Positive Psychology Coach & set up a business called Bump and Beyond Wellness. I spent tens of thousands of Euro's upskilling myself for my business and found the process extremely exciting, it reignited passion & zest inside me - however it was hard doing it all by myself. Side Hustle Mums was born from the idea that us mothers have different priorities to the regular solopreneur. We have different values & time commitments - this can be our Superpower if we use it intentionally but alas, we so often get lost down the rabbit hole of procrastination that it can be hard to keep going on your own. Community of likeminded women is the answer and so The Mumpreneur Membership was born!

What is Possible for You?

You can build that life by design you so desire - through business! You can achieve a flexible lifestyle around your children and their holidays - watch them hit milestones, pick them up from school, arrange playdates, be present during this precious time in life ... It is all possible when you build your own business.

Stay inspired, motivated and learn tons from women who are a few steps further than you are now. Together, we will blast confusion and overwhelm and instead we will focus on implementing strategies that will move the needle forward for your own business and drive your success.

What is Included in the Content?

This Membership is founded on 2 Principles: A Success Path (learning hub) which will involve supporting you with Personal Development to help your Business Growth & a Strong Community Ethos of likeminded Mumpreneurs.

There are 6 Stages in the Success Path, more of this to be revealed later..but a sneaky peek at the stages are:

  1. Build Your Brand: The Brave One
  2. Build Your Content: The Focused One
  3. Build Your Message: The Deliberate One
  4. Build Your List: The Adventurous One
  5. Build Your Audience: The Engaging One
  6. Build Your Impact: The Fearless One

No matter what stage of the Success Path that you are at - you will avail of Community Calls interchanging between:

  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Intention Implementation Sessions
  • Goal Planning Sessions

And to top it all off, each month you will have access to your own Content Marketing Strategy for Getting Social on Social Media - no more trying to think what to post. Just use a pen and tick them off as you go!

One more thing - what is a community without a community space?! You will have access to the High Vibe Mumpreneur Tribe - a Private Facebook Community where you will have ongoing contact, access and support with other members of The Mumpreneur Membership.

What is the Price?

This my fellow mumpreneurs is the best bit!!! Right now, I am in the building and creation mode and as a thank you to you guys for coming on board with me as I create this wonderful space for us, you will avail of the lowest price this Membership will ever be placed at. Not only that, but this price will be locked in for you for the lifetime of your membership. As the price is raised as this membership evolves and develops over coming months, there will be new launches and you will see price increases - but this won't have any impact on you! Arrrrgghhhhhh, can you tell I'm excited???!!!! Can't wait to see you inside!

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