Positive Birth Stories

Mum Barbara, 2nd BABY
medical free vaginal
home birth 

I'm so delighted I got in touch with Lorna in preparation for my second birth. Although I felt I was in a good place ahead of the birth I also felt I needed to remind myself of the techniques of hypno birthing. I booked the online Wellness Workshop, it was just what I needed. It helped me give some time to this baby, which until then I hadn't really stopped and mentally prepared myself for. It felt so good to do this, life was busy and with a 3 year old and work etc I hadn't allowed myself to slow down and focus on this birth! The workshop was excellent, it brought me back to my first birth and reminded me of the techniques to use like breathe work, positive affirmations and just reminding me to have confidence in my body.

I decided that I'd like to do the 1:1 with Lorna so that my other half could also refresh on everything. We had such a lovely session with Lorna, she has such a lovely way with her. We had a good experience on our first birth which was a hospital birth, but we were planning a home birth this time and Lorna was so supportive when we mentioned it. We went through what our ideal birth would be like and made a plan. We also spoke about what we would do if a home birth didn't happen, it felt great to do this. I felt so prepared and ready for our new arrival.

A few weeks later our second little boy arrived, and I got the homebirth I so wanted. Everything went more or less to plan. I was so relaxed that in the end only one midwife made it in time for the birth, arriving just twenty minutes before baby arrived. I genuinely could not believe how relaxed I was. My pains started early that morning and felt so mild that I really didn't think things were kicking off. I spent the day watching my favourite show whilst bouncing on my ball and having lots of snacks. I went for a walk and got my other little boys overnight bag packed. About 4.30pm, as soon as he was taken care of and my partner had finished work I think I was completely ready then as things kicked off big time. The next two hours flew by, the contractions came fast and more intense but I felt so in control the entire time as did my other half. He was so calm and steady and followed my lead. Once the midwife arrived I was ready to meet my baby and with a few pushes, I'd say two strong contractions our little man had arrived.

There's no doubt that Lorna's calming words and guidance helped us have a wonderful home birth, I'm so happy I got in touch. I would highly recommend Bump and Beyond Wellness.

Mum Kristina, first baby

Hi Lorna,

So as you recall, I attended your positive mindset class as I told you I had an immense fear of tearing, particularly as I had torn my perinium in the past (not from childbirth) and I was very afraid of the “damage” giving birth my cause.

My waters broke at 6am when I was 36+4 Days. I wanted to stay at home but I was advised to come into hospital to be assessed. I had no pains and was very relaxed. At 7:30 I was placed on a monitor for 20 minutes and they confirmed my waters had broken. They asked if I wanted to go home or remain there and I chose to stay in hospital as it was very quiet. I went up to the ward and paced around the bed for 2 hours. I began feeling some twinges but the breathing techniques kept these at bay. At 10:45 I asked for paracetamol and the midwife said yes, but be mindful this is my first baby, so it might take a while. She offered to examine me and I was already 7cm. By that stage, I was able to call my husband and he was allowed in to be with me.

Twenty minutes later, I was taking gas and air and already at 10cm. The pressure was intense and I was given some diamorphine. I began pushing and baby’s head was getting down so far but then slipping back in again… after several times of this happening, the midwife applied some numbing cream and gave me an episiotomy. I don’t recall a conversation about it (as I kept falling asleep) but my husband consented on my behalf (we had this discussion beforehand). The midwife explained that the opening wasn’t wide enough and that it was safer than letting myself naturally tear. I didn’t even feel the episiotomy but as soon as I had it, baby boy was able to glide out.

I had a stitch put in and went straight back up to the ward. I worried about the aftermath of the episiotomy but it was absolutely fine. I was able to pass bowel movements etc without issue.

It was not a traumatic experience whatsoever and I want others to know that it’s not as scary as it sounds on paper. I had complete faith in the midwives who kept me very relaxed the whole way through. My husband continuously reinforced the affirmations you taught me in the class and this helped me to stay focused. I will definitely repeat your class for the next time, as I know it was you that got my through it and kept my fear at bay!

All my love,

Kristina xo

3 OZ


I just wanted to email to thank you for the knowledge you share in the calm mindset for labour course.
I was induced on my first baby, and while me and baby were well, I felt because of the unnatural surges and discomfort I was in, I didn't have the birthing experience I wanted. I really wanted to go naturally this time and wanted to do everything I could to prepare myself for this. Your course helped to frame my mindset and I found a belief in myself that I could do this naturally and my body was made for this. I looked back on the workbook often when I hit my due date for reminders of this which helped also.

I had prepared myself for a lot of what a natural birth would entail, but I don't think I could have prepared myself to be so calm and set in my mind frame that I didn't even make it into the hospital to have my baby!

I was 40+9 days when I started to get pains at about 12.50 am while in bed, I just took a quick note and noticed they weren't going when I moved. I noted the time and noted they were 10 mins apart, but were reducing each time I checked. I went down stairs, not waking my husband, thinking this would be hours still. After trying a few different positions I was most comfortable kneeling over the ball. I checked a few contractions and they were 2-3mins apart. Again I still thought I would be hours, and felt comfortable and in control taking one surge at a time. I had my affirmations ready and used the gentle birth app, on the labour companion track. The surges were coming more often and getting stronger so I called my husband at 3pm, he realised they were coming so close together, 1min apart, so we said we would go into the hospital. He put the tens machine on me then before we left. We called ahead to the labour ward and told them we were on our way. I knew we were cutting it fine, even being only 20 mins from the hospital! I got in the back seat of the car, kneeling and looking out the back window. On the way in my body started to push at contractions, so I told my husband to call the hospital again and tell them to meet us down stairs as the pushing urge was very strong. In between surges I kept checking that my jaw, shoulders and hands were relaxed. I could have easily gone into panic mode here or got very stressed when the reality of having this baby in the back of my husbands car hit but I knew that would not be good for me and my baby from your course, so I focused on the calming techniques of breathing(changing my breathing when pushing urge came) , the gentle birth app labour campanion track and used the tens machine that I found useful. Just as we arrived in the gates of the hospital, I had another surge were the head was viable, much to my husbands shock when he parked the car and came in the back. When that surge stopped he saw the midwifes coming out, and called them over, they had just arrived and I had one more surge and our beautiful 10lbs 3 oz baby boy arrived in the back seat of the car at 4am-just over 3 hours after labour started.

Everything happened so fast, but because I had worked on mindset, I felt very in control. So thanks again for the knowledge you share and also sharing your own experience in the workshop was helpful to know what to do. In all my preparation, I had not planned for a short labour, but thankfully all went well for me and baby and we were out of hospital the next day.

I know we talked about the epino in the course aswell and I would definitely say I would highly recommend this product.
Thanks again,

MuM AOIFE, SECOND BABY,Baby boy, 8lbs 7oz,
medical free vaginal delivery
positive birth experience

I attended Lorna's online workshop about halfway through my pregnancy. I found it really interactive and loved Lorna's positive energy. Even though this was my 2nd pregnancy it was great to refocus the mind and refresh on all this, labour and birth related - I particularly like the information Lorna provided on breathing techniques throughout labour. The workshop instilled in me the importance of practicing my affirmations and my Birth Mood Board and visualising the type of birth I would like to have. I managed to have a positive natural medical-free birth experience. Lorna is truly passionate about helping others prepare for a positive birth experience. I would highly recommend Lorna's workshops.


Hey Lorna, I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for guiding me through your workshop which was extremely beneficial for me. I am going to share my story in the hope that other expecting mothers can gain peace of mind and hold a positive outlook towards labour.  

On the 30/12/2021 at 8am my waters broke and I knew that this was going to be the start of my whole life changing. I was currently living in my partners parents house as our new home was nearly finished. I woke my partner Darren who then called his mum to the room. She came in and immediately grabbed me a towel just to make sure my waters where clear which they were. I immediately rang the hospital and was told to come in so they could check that my waters had definitely broken. Darren and I arrived at the hospital and it was confirmed that my waters had broke. From here I was scheduled to come back in at 8:30pm. I knew at that point in my own head that I would be back in well before this time as I was experiencing small contractions but these contractions were bearable.  

I came back home, I had no appetite so I took a bath with some lavender drops to keep myself remaining calm. While I was taking a bath these contractions started to get slightly stronger. I then got myself out of the bath so I could use my tens machine which helped with contractions. I went downstairs, sat on the sofa with Darren by my side. At this point the contractions became stronger so we decided to time each contraction and the time duration between each contraction. They were lasting about 45-50 seconds and about 3 minutes in between each one. The pain was getting unbearable and I knew at this point I needed some pain relief. I phoned the hospital around 3pm and they told me to come ahead. Darren grabbed the hospital bags and car seat and off we went.  

We arrived back to the hospital around 3:30pm. I was given gas and air straight away which really helped me and then I was checked by one of the hospital staff and was told I was dilated 5cm. I was then taken to the delivery ward immediately. Things then really started to get real. I was excited as I knew I was going to meet my little baby very soon and become a first time mum. Darren and I then met the midwife who would be delivering our baby and she reassured both of us that everything was going to be ok. I never ruled out getting an epidural but deep down I did not want to get it. I did ask the midwife was it still possible to get one if I wanted it and she told me that this would not be a problem. She did tell me that she thought my pain threshold was quite high and believed I could go through labour without getting it. I didn’t get it in the end but I did get diamorphine while still taking gas and air.

Darren was right beside me the whole time and my breathing technique throughout my contractions helped. Darren was assisting me with my breathing throughout. My midwife told me that her shift finished at 8pm and she was very determined she would be meeting my baby before finishing her shift. As time went on I was in different positions and things got more and more intense. I finally reached 10cm dilated and I knew the delivery process was about to begin.  

The midwife asked for assistance from another midwife to help deliver our baby. Within 20 minutes at 7:50pm my beautiful baby boy Jack was born weighing exactly 6 pounds. Both me and Darren were in floods of tears and so excited to begin our new life as new parents. The one thing I took from Lorna’s class was to completely remain positive and calm throughout the whole labour process. I also think that breathing throughout contractions is very important and to remember that when labour starts you are so close to meeting your new baby.  

I hope my story can be of some benefit to expecting mothers and I would definitely recommend taking Lorna’s workshop before giving birth.  

Martina x

Alannah, second baby,
baby girl 9lb 13 
epidural & vaginal delivery
positive birth experience

What a whirlwind couple of days! Thank you so much for your guidance over the past while.  

I remained calm and collected through the whole labour using breathing techniques, meditation and a tens machine!

When I got to about 6cm the tiredness took over and opted to get an epidural, once I got that I felt the strength to go on! Less than an hour later, I was 8cm, the midwife asked me to give a little push to see could se come down the birth canal, within seconds baby was ready to be delivered!

I gave one big push and panted her out, still keeping a calm mindset even though everything happens quite fast! Our baby girl (still no name) was born at 1.38pm on Wednesday weighing 9lbs 13 (I'm very petite, 5ft). No stitches or tears, I think remaining calm, breathing techniques and listening really helped me along that journey!

We got home on Thursday afternoon, and settling in perfectly!

Thanks again for your support
Alannah xx

Mum colette, second baby, BABY GIRL 8.4 LBS, GENTLE C-SECTION, 

positive birth experience

Hello, so where do I start!?

This was my second birth. My first birth with my son back in 2018 was a vagina delivery after an induction. This time around I wanted to aim for another vagina delivery without the requirement for any induction which my consultant supported.  However, shortly into the third trimester, baby started to “measure big”, and at approx. 36 weeks my consultant spoke to me about a potential induction at 39 weeks if the baby continued to measure big. I was disappointed; however, I also knew I had the option to potentially refuse an induction. I listened to the consultant's advice and did my own research and I decided to take their advice for an induction should the baby continue measure big.

At 38 weeks my consultant did an examination and advised that the baby's head was too high to proceed with an induction and she would examine me again in a week's time. In the meantime, I had to go into the hospital with reduced movements, thankfully everything was fine however it was a little daunting to have to go in alone due to the hospital’s restrictions. My consultant came to visit me and advised the baby's head was still too high, and she advised that the best thing to do was to leave me to go into labor myself as I had successfully delivered a large baby and she felt it was the kindest approach as an induction was risky at this point.  I then went to a routine appointment a few days later and the scan showed that the baby had taken a huge leap and was estimated to be nine and a half pounds at 39 weeks.

This is the important part as now I had a decision to make in line with her medical advice. The medical advice was that if the baby's weight was accurate there could be a real issue in terms of me successfully having a vaginal delivery and she spoke to me about the real possibility I would end up having an emergency C-section. She also said because the baby's head was so high that there was an increased risk that I could end up having a caesarean section under general anesthetic when I would not be conscious when my baby would be born. This happened a close family member and I knew how traumatic this would be. My consultant was very supportive and was certainly not trying to scare me, but she was advising me of the various risks, so I felt really informed, and in control. It was her medical advice that I proceed with the planned caesarean section later that week. I really feel Lorna’s workshop gave me a strong mindset which hugely helped here; I asked all the questions and I felt surprisingly calm having this conversation with my consultant alone as my partner was not permitted to be in attendance due to the COVID restrictions – however I did phone him during the appointment. We agreed that I was going to be booked in for a planned c-section later that week. After my appointment, my husband told me I was surprisingly calm considering that he knew this was not my initial birth preference, however we had previously discussed that at any stage if it was felt that I would end up requiring an emergency c-section that we would preferred it to be planned, so that there was less risk to baby and me, and that frankly it would not be as traumatic as my first birth.

So now my entire birth plan had changed, I was surprisingly calm. I had weighed up the risks with my consultant and I felt really informed and ultimately, I had to agree to the c-section which I was happy to do given the full picture. Lorna's workshop really helped me in this regard and from here on in particularly. I decided that I was going to have somewhat of a gentle caesarean section, and I was going into this with a very calm and very strong mind, and in control.  Another thing that really helped me that I would strongly recommend is I spoke to a friend who had two planned Caesarean sections in the same hospital and had positive experiences. I asked her to talk me through from the very start to the finish of what I could really expect from a patient's perspective on the day of the caesarean section and any tips she had in terms of recovery etc., again from a patient's perspective. This really helped me and honestly it gave me a different perspective to the day. I had the medical perspective of what to expect, however this insight from a patient's perspective was invaluable.


I went into the hospital the morning of my c-section again alone due to the restrictions, however my mind was strong, and my heart was full. I had an amazing team who spoke to me about what to expect that morning and I knew I was in very safe hands with my consultant. My husband got to come in and see me outside theater and then later in theatre, and we had a lovely chat with some of the team who would be helping my consultant deliver our baby. I spoke to the team, and I advised I wanted to do skin to skin at the earliest possible opportunity after my daughter was born and they were so supportive in this. In fact, they made a little joke about the needed to do some arts and crafts on my theatre gown to make sure that I would be in the position to do skin to skin after my daughter was born (after some brief medical checks). I also spoke to them about my preference for the curtain to be pulled down and for me to see my daughter being born and they said this was no problem at all. I felt like my strong mindset was really standing to me and I felt nothing but excitement. I felt no fear which I put this down to my mindset, and birth preparation from the workshop in addition to my friends help in preparing me in what to expect.

When I was in theater my consultant came to speak to me, she said she was disappointed that we couldn't have the vagina delivery that we had both wanted me to have. I told her that I did not want the word disappointment mentioned again that day and that this was the way things were to be and I had made peace with it. The theater staff commented that I was so calm and so relaxed that they thought that I had done this before.  The experience was honestly the best of my life. I felt no pain, I knew what to expect at the various stages, I had an amazing team and I felt like I was in control. When my daughter was born, she was a lower weight than expected but still well over 8 lbs, however I did not feel disappointed that I had agreed to the c-section because I knew this was a possibility and I had weighed up the risks of going ahead with the vaginal delivery. My informed decision had given me a very strong mind and the choice I made was under medical advice.

My birth experience was just incredible, I had the best and most supportive team on the day. I got to see my daughter being born, I got to do immediate skin to skin as soon as they had done a couple of initial very brief checks and I felt that the team really listened to me. I was very clear in my mind about what I wanted on the day and my clear communication to the team really helped achieve that.  Lorna's workshop had told me that birth was really something that we should prepare for. I had not prepared for my first birth because to be honest I was too afraid. I felt like the less I knew the better. This time around I wanted to prepare, be knowledgeable and feel more in control. This second birth experience really helped heal me after quite a traumatic first birth.

My strong mindset didn't just stand to me during the birth, it also stood to me in the aftermath of my daughter being born. I unfortunately did come up against some issues with the hospital care in the 24 hours after my daughter was born. However again my strong mindset helped me here. I was able to advocate for myself with a positive outcome as a result.  I am happy because I was determined to have a second birth that was more in line with my own personal preferences than my first. While my Plan A birth preferences did not emerge, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I am thankful for such a positive experience this time. I really did not want to have a c-section initially, however now I'm so happy with how my daughter was delivered. I believe my strong mindset also helped me in my recovery in the weeks after my daughter was born.

I am sharing this very personal story so that hopefully I can empower some other women out there that have a certain birth plan in mind, that if like me things take a slight detour and your birth plan may need to be altered accordingly, that you can retain control and still have a positive experience. Knowledge empowers us, and having the right mindset is key. My advice is to listen to the medical advice, then ask all the questions and do your own research. I knew that there was a real possibility the weight of my daughter would not be as large as they had estimated, however I listened to the medical advice, I took it all on board, I did my own research and I decided to agree to the medical advice offered to me. Thank you Lorna I couldn’t be happier.

Mum Maria, Age 40, second Baby
Induction 39w&6d
Vaginal delivery & Epidural
Baby Girl Stevie 8lb 1oz
positive birth experience

It was decided at my antenatal clinic (with my consent) that the safest way to get Stevie here was to to begin with a membrane sweep. Proceeding to an induction 4 days later had I not gone into labour.
The sweep which I had on Thursday afternoon got things moving in the right direction but didn’t quite bring us to labour. We arrived to hospital for my induction Monday morning. After an examination (with my consent ) it was decided to proceed with prostaglandin gel as the cervix was favourable.
I was given the gel at 6.45 am by a lovely Doctor who was very gentle and all I felt was the cold gel.

I reacted quickly as I was sensitive to the gel. I became nauseous, hot & sweaty and my heart and Stevie’s heart rate was raised. This part was unexpected and a little bit scary but I was able to close my eyes and just keep breathing. I could hear my husbands voice telling me to breathe in and out slowly this really helped me to stay calm. The medical team were brilliant and gave me fluids and medication for nausea to get this under control quickly.  We were both monitored throughout and it was evident that labour had started quickly. At 10 am we were moved to the labour ward for what we thought would be a very long day. Miss Stevie had other ideas though.
My contractions were getting stronger and more intense and I could feel My hips and tailbone aching. It was uncomfortable but manageable in small chunks. I used my techniques from Lorna’s workshop and just focused on one pain at a time.

By 11.30am it was decided that my waters would be broken (with my consent) this was painless due to a very gentle Doctor. All I felt was the gush of fluid no pain. At this point my midwife took out my birth plan and discussed the next steps with the Doctor. It was thought that the next step would be an oxytocin drip (but We didn’t need it). It was decided (with my consent )that now was a good time to get my epidural if I still wanted one. I said Yes and the Anaesthetist was there in minutes it was all systems go.  My contractions had intensified rapidly & my tolerance was wearing very thin at this stage. I kept breathing deeply and a lovely student midwife held my hands for the epidural going in. Her support was so needed in those moments as this part was really really tough. Staying still and trying to manage the pain. Those few mins took a lot of deep breathing and positive affirmations to get through.

Once it was in and began to work I could relax. I needed that break. My husband went out to get a sandwich and take a little break while I was comfortable. My midwife checked me when he came back (with my consent) at 1pm and I was 4cm dilated. They fitted the catheter at this point (with my consent) and once the bladder drained things moved very fast. I could feel the achy tailbone again and I said it to my midwife. She had her hand on my bump measuring the contractions eyes on the monitor. She told me I was contracting hard and we would near delivery soon. She asked my Husband to get the baby clothes ready. I was quite surprised at how fast things went as I expected it to take hours. She checked me again (with my consent) at 1.50 pm
I was 9cam and it was decided we would start the pushing at 2pm.  I could feel the ache in my tailbone and the pressure of each contraction. This was a bit sore but very manageable. It was very useful for knowing how long to push for with the contraction. I had great support from the midwives and my husband too. This part was hard work and I was getting tired after about 25 mins. I really wanted to give up at this stage. I remembered Lorna’s words about when you feel like giving up the end is near. The team were great motivators and kept me going.

They told Me Baby had a huge head of hair and told me put my hand down and touch it as she was crowning. This helped give me a bit of encouragement for the last bit. After another big push at 2.35pm Stevie arrived into the world.  She gave us the surprise of our lives with her full head of dark hair. We hadn’t found out gender at any scans but I had been convinced I was having another boy. You can imagine my delight at having a little girl.We were given loads of time with Her after and Daddy held Her while I was having a few stitches done etc.  I had skin to skin with her then and we done the first feed. She was the talk of the labour ward with her huge head of hair and her Mum a hairdresser.

All in all it was a great experience, there were some very challenging moments but I felt calm in My own mind and felt safe throughout. It was a very different experience to My First labour some years ago, which was a terrifying ordeal. Stevie’s birth wasn’t without physical hardship but I was so much more efficient at dealing with one thing at a time. I approached it with a much different mindset. I also had brilliant support from my team. They helped and guided me through every step. I will never forget their kindness I couldn’t thank them enough.

bABY BOY jORDI, 9lb 1oz
medical free vaginal delivery
positive birth experience

Baby Jordi arrived in a hurry on Wednesday morning, one day before his "due" date.
I had started getting mild surges on Tuesday night, I had had a bloody show earlier that day too but didn't think much of it as I had read that birth could still be a week away. The surges were mild enough, I used my up breath during each one and was able to get a good night's sleep.
At 8am I rang my sister so that she'd be on standby to collect my kids. I then got into the bath (I used some lavender and balance oils in the bath) I had two surges in the bath and I was in there for about 30-40 minutes listening to some hypnobirthing tracks. So I wasn't overly worried or stressed as I thought we still had some time to go.

However, once I started getting dressed and getting the kids ready, my surges suddenly started to come much quicker and got much more intense, just all of a sudden. I was still using my up breath and breathing through them. As soon as my sister collected my two children, myself and my husband headed off for the hospital, about a 40 minute drive in normal circumstances. However with my surges getting more frequent and intense the hubby really had to put the foot down!!
We were probably just over half way there when I turned to my hubby and told him I had to push. He tried to convince me that I was like that with my previous pregnancy but we had still made it to the hospital in plenty of time. But this felt different. We rang for an ambulance and we were told it was about 18 minutes away. We'd be at the hospital before it at that rate.
But at this stage baby Jordi had decided that he had had enough and he wanted out. Brian pulled in at an old service station, quickly took out a car seat from the back of the car to make room for me. We were still on the phone to the emergency services who were talking Brian through what to do. As soon as I got on all fours in the back of the car I felt huge pressure and my waters broke. With the next surge babies head and shoulders appeared and then with one more surge he was fully born!! In the back of our car on the side of the road!!! Delivered by his daddy!
Definitely not what we had in our birth plan. The ambulance arrived about ten minutes later. Thankfully everything was fine. Jordi was cold and a bit mucussy so the ambulance guy (Adrian) cleared his nose and mouth but he was absolutely fine, thank God. We were taken to the hospital via ambulance and Jordi was well looked over but he was absolutely fine. Even though he didn't cry when he was born, we didn't panic, I think I just knew that he was ok. He looked alert and ok so I wasn't panicking.
I don't know if it was hypnobirthing that had me so relaxed that I just thought birth was still a few hours away. I know I've done this before so I should know, but the surges were so mild all night and most of the morning that I just assumed I had plenty of time. Or maybe I had trained my mind so well that it just wasn't experiencing the "pain" we usually associate with labour. Even the down stage of labour was relatively easy. I mean you could still hear me scream, but it happened within three surges. And that was it, baby Jordi was here.
We are so relieved that our little man arrived into this world safely and that there were no complications. We know we are very lucky.
If I had one piece of advice for fellow hypnobirthing mother's it would be to make sure you get to the hospital on time, if having a hospital birth. Don't underestimate the power of the mind. It must have had a huge part to play in my story as it got me pretty much all the way without even knowing I was nearly there, if that makes sense.

Anyway, apologies for the long version of the story. But I am a little in awe as I didn't think I had such a strong mind. I always thought I'd let the popular belief take over and I'd be bent over screaming in pain but that didn't happen.
It's probably not a story that clients want to hear as I'm sure nobody wants to give birth on the side of the road. I wish I had gone for a home birth now!!
Thanks Lorna for all the hypnobirthing tips and advice received on your course :) we can definitely confirm that it works!!
Kind regards, Claire and baby Jordi

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