Pregnant women

There are 2 ways you can work with me if you are expecting a baby soon:

1) You can download the pre-recorded hypnobirthing workshop directly to your email inbox right now.
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2) You can sign up for Private Preparation for your Birth. This will encompass hypnobirthing and positive psychology helping you prep for the calmest birth experience possible.
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Coaching with a focus on Positive Psychology Interventions, which are evidence based Self Help Methods that I use to support mothers who are feeling a loss of identity, low mood or lack of direction since becoming mothers. Book a FREE enquiry call here:

Through my personal experience of losing my sense of identity and what brought me joy in life, I found it reignited when I began this business serving and helping other mothers. I have found many women who did not want to go back to their corporate careers following having children. They were professional and talented women and with the right help can be supported in setting up their own business from home that can be flexible around their growing family. It is choosing a Life by your own Design.

I now help other mothers set up their businesses and I do this through a community membership, learning hub, coaching and mentoring. All information can be found on Instagram @sidehustlemums.