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Do you want to let go of the worry, self doubt and fear you have about labour and childbirth?

I get it....thinking about birth can be frightening, particularly if you have never done it before, or if you have had a previous traumatic birth experience... 
  • Would you like the chance to wave goodbye to that feeling of uncertainty in yourself and fear of the unknown in labour and childbirth?
  • Would you like to embrace birth with a positive sense of what is to come, knowing & understanding what is going on inside your body and how you can help yourself birth with more ease?
This is what I teach in my pregnancy workshops.

You will be exposed to the best hypnobirthing course material that I have both trained in and practiced myself for my 3 Calm Medical Free Births!

You will be speaking to someone who can communicate the messages to you coherently and confidently because of my teaching qualifications....but better than that, you will be learning from someone who felt the panic rising and who managed to take back control - and I will give you all the techniques to do this. 

We often read about hypnobirthing being all about:
  1. Breathing 
  2. Affirmations
  3. Visualisations... 

But there is one key piece of this training that is missing...
Without this, all the techniques commonly used for Hypnobirthing will not stick.
This is why my unique hypnobirthing programme "A Calm Mindset for Birth" was created. 
  • We work together on taking out all of the harmful, scary, frightening thoughts that you currently have when you think about labour and birth and how you are going to manage it.
  • Then we repack your thoughts with ones filled with self confidence, self trust, self belief and self capability
This programme is a combination of hypnobirthing training, neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness. You can access it through 2 methods:
  • Online Group Experience: Calm Mindset for Birth
  • Private 4 Week Container for You & Your Birth Partner

THE calm mindset for BIRTH method
Learn How to Have The
Best Birth Experience Imaginable
RELAX & SURRENDER making for an easier CHILDBIRTH Experience

A Calm Mindset is what Every Pregnant Woman Needs. It obliterates adrenaline and increases oxytocin making for a powerful birth, not a painful one. 

I strongly advocate for a positive birth experience, whether that is a medical free vaginal birth, a medical vaginal birth, a home birth, water birth or caesarean section birth.

The one thing in common is that the labouring mama-to-be is
  • in control
  • feels calm
  • feels safe 
  • takes part in the decision making about her birth.

The Calm Mindset for Birth Method will help you make small changes in your every day pregnant life that will help you take control of how you feel about pregnancy, labour and childbirth. 

What it Involves: 
  • Removing All the Toxic things which you have been unconsciously exposed to - tv shows, traumatic birth stories from friends/family, pictures, movies, books - how can a woman not feel petrified at the thought of giving birth when this is what modern day media projects? 
  • Once all these frightening belief systems that you have about childbirth are removed, we repack your brain with all the good stuff! Self Belief, Self Confidence, Self Trust and Self Capability

1 x Hour PRIVATE Positive Psychology Focused Session Prepping you for Pregnancy & Postpartum

This programme is designed to make the maximum amount of Positive Impact for you as you take this journey to motherhood. Whether you are pregnant for the first time or the fourth time, you will take an enormous amount from this programme.

Ongoing Group Voxer Support throughout your entire pregnancy so that you can remain connected to the group and have access to ask any questions that you might have along the way.

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"After completing my course with Lorna I felt so much more confident before going into labour. This was my 2nd baby and although my first labour wasn't complicated, I felt very panicked during it as it went faster than expected. This time around, I felt so much more in control of myself and even though the labour had a very fast ending, I was able to keep my breathing in check and it helped me to stay calm through it all. I would recommend anyone who is pregnant to take part in a course with Lorna. She is such a fantastic person and is so supportive both before and after baby arrives - a total gem"

"I would 100% recommend Lorna and her practice. If you are anyway interested in hynobirthing and what it entails, follow her on instagram or check out her website, she is so easy to chat with and has so much knowledge on pregnancy and giving birth.

I had no idea what hynobirthing was about but I signed up for one of Lorna's workshops and it was brilliant.

My birth of my first child was a very negative one but Lorna has given me the confidence in myself that I can have a positive labour this time around and has given very simple tips on how to make it happen.

You will not regret getting in touch with Lorna"


"The calm mindset for labour workshop is a brilliant resource for mums to be - I came away feeling more informed, more knowledgeable and more confident in my body's ability to give birth in a calm manner. Lorna explains the science parts about how our body really works so clearly and simply that it makes it seem doable, she also shares her own experiences throughout in a really positive way. I would really recommend this course as it helps you step away from the very medical world of birthing your baby to explaining it as the natural process that it is which definitely made me feel more confident in my abilities! thank you Lorna for your calmness and positivity!"

"I did both the workshop and the 1:1 session with Lorna and I would recommend both. In the 1:1 session Lorna helped me with a birth plan, it was so personal and there was so much time to ask questions and create a plan that I am relaxed and feel happy with. Instead of feeling nervous now I am actually feeling more excited and prepared (as much as possible!) for the birth of our baby. When I do get a moment of worry or feel unsure I remember the positive mindset Lorna focuses on and this really helps.

The workshop was really informative with a small number in the class. I found out so much in those 90 minutes! The focus on positive mindset, anchoring, learning all about labour and breathing techniques. Thank you so much Lorna for helping me become more confident, calmer and relaxed in the last few weeks of my pregnancy."

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