Motherhood Wellness

I support you in your postpartum journey


Private Coaching for Mothers
  • 1:1 Positive Psychology Intervention Coaching for a Mother needing a confidante, support and gentle guide back to a life that brings you joy, gratitude, happiness and content.

Beyond the Bump Circle - 8 Week Programme for New Mums
  • Specifically for the new mother.
  • Accessible live and recorded.
  • 90 minute connection calls with other new mothers.
  • Positive Psychology Intervention Trainings delivered weekly to your inbox.
  • Expect to build connection, support, validation, laughter, cries and life long friendships

Gain back your zest for life postpartum.

motherhood fog

When you transition to the role of mother, things can get pretty unclear for a period of time. Life which was once full of irresponsible carefree moments can become oppressive in its groundhog nature - nappy changes, bottle times, feed times, sleep times, tummy times on repeat day and night. It is no wonder that through bleary eyed sleepless nights, you feel like you have lost who you once were.

Are you feeling down and struggling to adjust to your new life as a mum? Have you been diagnosed with postpartum anxiety or depression and want more support alongside your doctor? Are you a working mum and struggling to juggle it all? The following courses are for you.......

Bring clarity to your mind and life postpartum

positive psychology intervention

I set up Bump and Beyond Wellness primarily to help guide women just like you through the motherhood fog. Here are some of the topics that I have helped guide mothers through:

  • You feel like you are under a dark cloud - not sure where to turn to and how to feel content and happy.
  • Your emotional regulation is off - you find yourself snapping at your children/partner and you know that is not you.
  • You need help rediscovering zest for your own life, so that you can feel like you are living for yourself aswell as for your family.
  • You are considering an alternative career due to your life pre-children not suiting your life post-children. 
  • You want to start up your own business from home so that you can have more flexible working hours. 
Together we discuss tangible goals that you can focus on, bringing clarity once more to your life.


€125 (75 mins)

Book package of 3 =  €350

  • Navigate Motherhood 
  • Wellness Focused
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Increase Zest for Life
  • Improve Emotional Wellbeing
  • Support for New Relationship Roles
  • Re-discover Meaning in Life
  • Re-assess Goals
  • Career Changes
Bookings for 3 Sessions of Positive Psychology Intervention Coaching can be made below. One off sessions can be facilitated, please just fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Beyond the bump Tribe

for new mums  €30 per week

4 Week Bookings Available ( €120 per month)

Postpartum Groups 

next group beginning:Fri oct  28th - 18th nov


  • Therapeutic Group Work that acknowledges challenges and actively works to reframe your mind so that it is wellness focused
  • Connect with others going through the Early Stages of motherhood just like you
  • Gain support, tips and friendship from others at similar stage as you
  • Safe Space to Discuss Challenges of Motherhood & Solutions
  • Learn Positive Psychology Wellness Techniques for Enhanced Wellbeing in Motherhood 
  • Zero Stress for having to get out the door with your baby! Feel free to snack, feed, nappy change etc all in the comfort of others co-existing with babies too!
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