About Me

Helping women have a strong mindset in labour.


Since practicing hypnobirthing on my first pregnancy back in 2014, I became increasingly fascinated with the world of pregnancy, the transition to motherhood and what lay beyond.

I was blessed to experience 3 very calm childbirths and I attribute a lot of my fortune to the strong mindset which I was forced to take on following frightening high risk pregnancy experiences, pregnancy losses as well as other family traumas during that time. Gut instinct led me to have an innate belief in my physical body and its capabilities. I was focused on strengthening my mindset, so that fear of the unknown would not get in my way.  Through practicing hypnobirthing I learned what the physical muscles in my body were doing and how I could control my mind with calming thoughts so that it could work in tandem with my body for a powerful and calm birthing experience.

I now support pregnant women through 1:1 coaching and pregnancy workshops. Email bumpandbeyondwellness@gmail.com for details on upcoming workshops or to book a 1:1 consultation.


After having my 3 children, I delved into the world of wellness. I went back to University to get a Masters in Applied Psychology, as well as training as a KG Hypnobirthing Instructor so that I could support women going through this massive transition in life. Self-care is a priority when you become a mother and as mothers, we tend to not put ourselves first. I support women to see the ripple effects that their attention to themselves can have on their relationships and their children. You know the saying - a happy wife is a happy life!

I provide supportive postpartum groups for women who have babies less than one years old. These are conducted online and are a fantastic opportunity to meet likeminded mums focused on making connections, prioritising self-care and wellness as life gets upheaved by your newborn!

Email bumpandbeyondwellness@gmail.com to be added to the Waiting List for the next Postpartum Programme run in 2022.  

Avoid the motherhood fog postpartum


I love to help mothers rediscover themselves after having children. Women often lose themselves for a period of time when they devote their whole selves to the new role of being a mother. This time can be likened to walking through a fog, a sleepy hazy fog where life is full of challenges and responsibilities. There is no time for thinking about yourself, not to mention actually doing anything for yourself. Your temperament may have changed, and you may be living a highly emotional charged life full of mood swings and can witness yourself acting cranky and snappy with those closest to you. I see you! I get it!

This is all perfectly normal because you have stopped minding yourself. Your priorities have changed. Your responsibilities have increased. Your career path may need altering due to childminding desires and capabilities.  Mothers are so brilliant at minding everyone else, but by forgetting about themselves, nobody is winning truly! I help women find clarity when that motherhood fog seems too thick to focus on anything other than the next nappy change, bottle feed, sleep time, taxi ride, play-date, dinner time, doctors appointment etc etc etc... You don't realize how much happier life can be if you adapt this approach, just small little tweaks here and there can make the world of difference, believe me - I have been there!

I re-educated myself in Applied Psychology (Positive and Behavioural Coaching) and have set up this holistic wellness practice for women and mothers.

I am a firm advocate for proactively looking after your wellness, rather than reactively having to take care of an illness because you spread yourself too thin for too long. Life can be adapted so that family, career and happiness can all be managed in a far more enjoyable way. Responsibilities and tasks are still prioritized, but there is space for more enjoyment, love, laughter, fun and passion for you.

If you could benefit from some help ensuring that you are proactively maintaining a life full of wellness, rather than one day having to respond to an illness - then I look forward to working supportively and closely with you!

 Lorna xxx